Posted on August 18, 2016 by Harry MW Banek, Colorado Licensed Massage Therapist, Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner & Certified Reflexologist

Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Reflexology & Laser Therapy

Sattva is a Sanskrit word referring to:

  • Vital breath
  • True or spiritual essence
  • Consciousness
  • Energy
Sattva is also the neutral energy principle in polarity therapy.

As a result of taking the courses at Colorado School of Healing Arts and listening to readings by Abraham, the following awareness inspires each session:

  • The body's ability to restore its state of well-being.
  • Massage therapy, bodywork, reflexology, and laser therapy as a means to support the body's innate capacity for self-correction and restoration of homeostasis.
  • The therapist as a channel of support for the well-being of the client and the client's body.

As part of each session, I encourage my clients to breathe more deeply and more slowly in order to bring the body into a relaxed state (in a parasympathetic mode), and thereby experience the energized state which that breathing and relaxation engender.

Namaste! The Source in me acknowleges the Source in you!

The purpose of massage therapy, bodywork, reflexology, and laser therapy is to provide relaxation and relief!


Great Massage! This was the second time I have used Sattva Massage. The first was a walk-in at the Vitamin Cottage and this was a home visit. Both have been fantastic.
PG of Beaver Brook, Colorado

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